Coming Soon: 2405FPW

I bought a set of 20″ Screens from dell a few months back, a pic of them can be seen [here]

But lately I’ve been taunted by the new 24″ 2405FPW .. that’s twenty four inches of pure TFT 😀

So this week I gave in, since the XBOX 360 is to be release later this year, I decided just to sell my XBOX and use the cash to help get two 24″ instead.

I went back to the seller that had sold me my 20″‘s and he gave me some good pricing .. so I placed the order for the first one yesterday, hopefully it will be here by the end of the week, and i’ll place the order for the remaining one next week once I get rid of the two 20″

My wife thinks I’m crazy, never being happy with what I got .. she is probably right .. but then again .. 3840*1200 vs 3360*1050 gives me 1,080,000 more pixels .. about 25% more real estate.

Amazingly enough I am looking forward more than anything to those extra 150 lines, as it means Adium will have more space to extend vertically, showing more of my 200+ contacts list.

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