I was just reading that Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher accuse of “raping” a 12 year old student 10 years ago just got married to that same student.

Now here is a case of an adult, who had sex with a kid, got sentenced to 7 years in jail, then got most of the sentence suspended, then got caught having sex with him again, and did not had new charges against her, just had to server the rest of the sentence.

This makes me sick … if this was a man, who was an adult having sex with a 12 year old girl, he would have first never had a 7 year sentence .. you can add another decade to it .. easily .. and if somehow he was caught doing it again .. he would have had the book thrown at him, and we would never seem him outside ever again.

Now, I am the father of 3 young girls, if a bastard ever did that to one of them, he would not need to worry about going to jail … unless they sentence corpses these days .. but thats not the point the point is because this was a woman .. all is forgiven.

I’m all about equal rights .. heck, anybody that says otherwise doesn’t think about it too hard .. equal right means equal benefits and equal chores .. it’s not about just making sure the woman of this planet get paid as much as the men .. they also need to be accountable the same as well.

As a man who defends woman as having the same equal rights as we do, I find it offensive that a woman can do whatever she wants, even rape, and be excuse of it all because of gender .. sorry .. but if thats what equality of rights mean, then we men are are all suckers .. (then again .. I already knew the answer to that)

Same thing happens in the Army .. woman bullied for so long to be able to belong, but they cant go into the front-line and fight .. yes, it’s a man made law, but were are the activists on that issue ?, hey, as I said .. equal right, equal chores ..

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