We decided to go by the Outlet Stores to do a little shopping, when we got there we went by the children’s play area so the kids could run around for a little bit .. unfortunately they decided not to return the favor.

Within half an hour they started to misbehave, acting up as real brats do.

I am still unsure why, one had had a nap, but she was still refusing to walk at times .. so it’s not as if she was tired, while the other was just on a pissed-off mood ..

The problem with having little kids is that your social life all but disappears .. you cant go anywhere without them acting up.

My kids are very young, one is to be 2, the other is to be 3 .. and I understand it’s a trying time .. but one still get very upset over it, another couple of years and it will be easier I am sure, but for now .. it’s delivery chinese for dinner instead of dinner at a restaurant, and home watching TV instead of Star Wars III on the big screen …

Is it still illegal to sell kids on ebay ??

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