London Install

Yesterday I had to go to London to install a new cluster for Pipex

My first surprise came the day before, when I was buying the train tickets .. on peak hour, they wanted 110£ ?? for a return ticket (Cardiff-London) .. so I had to leave an hour later (not peak) and it only costed 50£ ..

Only once before I had ride the tube, so when I got to London I was a bit apprehensive … but after looking at the tube’s map, it was quite clear .. and easy to navigate .. unfortunately, once I was out the tube and the guys picked me up on our way to the NOC .. the traffic in London proved to be the ultimate pain .. I made a mental note .. never to live around Webley central ..

Once we got to the Noc, I could finally get some work done, we had 13 servers (lucky number ?) to setup, and it was a breeze to do so .. well, it was until half way thru the NOC lost it’s connectivity .. it seemed they were under a massive DDOS … yep, some things never change.

XServer Bonanza

Once all the machines were up on the rack, it looked nice .. the picture doesn’t show the black dual Xeon (CP) which sits under the 2 DNS and 10 web-servers very well.

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