XBOX Xecuter Control Panel

Today I was finally able to fit my XBOX with the Xecuter CP.

I have been waiting for this mod to come out for 4 months now, basically it replaces the whole front of the XBOX with a new one that contains a LCD and controls for the xecuter 3 chipset.

A friend of mine who mods xboxes for a living did the mounting for me .. he had the necessary tools .. this is how it looked before:

It was already fitted with a Xecuter 3 chipset and a 200GB HD

And now:

Simply put .. it looks sweet 🙂 .. and makes my XBOX complete .. I just love it when I am in XBMC playing a song and the track info and % shows up on the LCD .. I am now also reading about streaming TV thru broadband using the XBOX (inbound of course) .. so that’s my next project 🙂

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  1. 1

    that looks fkn mint mate!!! i dont normally like the way the xbox looks, but that’s sweet!! must have cost a fortune!!!

    on another note…i love your banner…did you design that?

  2. 3

    how do you like the x3 chipset. I am a noob to this xbox mod thing. I do have pc xperience but new to moding xbox. I just browsed a few sites and thinks the cp for the x3 is sweet. Do you run mame on your xbox? or have any hint or tips you can give me?
    thanks Edub

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