My earliest record on the Internet

I did a search on google for any records of myself on the web .. the earliest one I can find is a newsgroup post in 1995

Now, I know I was browsing a little while before that date, but I can find any earlier records

One of the things I noticed is how bad my English was back then .. I was 21/22 then, and had just arrived in the USA 6 months or so before ..

From: Carlos Rego (
Subject: Lightwave, Amiga and Alpha
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Date: 1995/11/15

I’m a person that earns the life doing computer graphics for some TV stations
and a cable company, I use an Amiga 4000/040 Toaster, PAR, lightwave, Imagine,
etc…, and when the PAR is not enought I use the Flyer of a friend of mine.
My question is:
As whe all now, the Amiga 4000/040 (25 Mhz) is slow when it comes to render,
i’m whaiting to the A4000T 060 to come out so that I can Buy it, ot should I
buy an Alpha ?.
I know that you might say “you sould heven think twice, buy an Alpha !”, but
does it worth to change ?, lets see, I have all the software that I need on
the Amiga, I have the PAR, Toaster, etc, it’s a big investment, sould i trow
all out, and start all over again with an Alpha and Windows NT ?, because when
whe cange, whe do have to buy all the software again (except LW, that you can
upgrade), it’s already bad have to pay 10.000$ for the machine, now have to
pay deveral hundreds more for the software !?!.
And how about Screamernet, I was thinkig, maybe if I buy only the Alpha to be
a render machine, then i don’t need to spend all that extra money in software,
to the people taht use Amiga + SN + Alpha, does it work good ?.
And now a final question, whill LW 4.0 really work on a SGI Indy, or can only
be use for rendering ?.

Tank you all, and If you have some really coll picture of yours, that you
don’t mind to chear (only for me to see, i love to see 3D pics) please E-Mail
me at

P.S.-Sorry for the bad english

It’s amazing how we all evolve .. I actually used the word “chear” instead of “share” .. I guess I was writing it as it sounded 🙂

Unfortunately the 90’s are a blur to me, I had a pandora of bad experiences from 94 onwards that make me rather forget the whole decade sometimes.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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