How blind are we.

Today I was getting ready for dinner, when the bell rang, it was a man, with a dufflle bag,, trying too sell some household items, he has a identification card with it’s license,, in the back was a picture of his children.

He was very apologetic and ID himself right away, I noticed he had a speech impediment, and felt sorry for him, after all it was raining and here was this guy going from place to place trying to earn a few bucks.

I usually hate door salesman, in US they usually sent by big corporations trying too squeeze even more money out of you.

I was not interested,, so politely declined.

But as I went upstairs my own life hit me, here I am complaining I just got a huge job offer, but would mean Ii had too move, but I dont want to, or how I recently complained my profits were down .. profits,, not loss ..

How blind are we all .. some of us (like me) live life on a silver platter, we complaint we have less,, but never have to worry about complaining to have none.

A huge rush of guild overcame myself,, I had to find that man and buy something, why ? .. didn’t matter ..

So I ventured outside and fin ally found him, Instead of buying anything I just gave him 5� and told him too buy something for his kinds, and good luck

Why ?, was it about me feeling better about myself ?, yes,, probably .. but it’s also for the same reason I cant pass a beggar on the street widouth giving him a coin, or how I cant stand to see an animal or a child in need .. I am so blessed, but also am a pompass idiot, and sometimes I need others in need to remind me of it.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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