iPhoto -> Coppermine Export ! (Finally)

Man,, am I ever happy today

I have a online family gallery, on it I use Coppermine Galllery which I love.

Coppermine has this great XP_Publich function which allows me to select the pics I want to send to the gallery, resizes them automatically and posts them in the right category, unfortunately as the name hints,, it needs Windows XP to run.

There are other ways to do it on a MAC, but none that had the look/feel of coppermine

So when I was using Linux or now on MAC II had XP running (vmware on linux / Virtual PC on mac) ONLY to do that task

Today my prayers have been answered .. I found a script that exports right from iPhoto to the gallery .. I no longuer need to ever again boot a XP system


If anybody uses Coppermine, go check it out, if you don’t use coppermine .. you should .. http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/ .. it’s the best Online Gallery I have ever seen. 🙂



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