Irresponsible Idiots

Today while browsing Spymac, I saw a post .. a user was going too get 3K back in taxes .. And he was assign for advise,, should he pay his bills .. which included his current MAC, or buy himself a new MAC and screw the bills.

How did this question even come to be, are we all living in a MAD world, were it;s acceptable to ignore our bills .. have we lost any traces of shame or self respect .. what makes people think they can get away with simply .. Ignoring their obligations.

And worst, was all the brain dead .. advising him (as if a board was a place for such advise) too go for it, get a new computer.

I must admit, I been in tight spots before, most business owners will know the feeling, market fluctuates, and you find out the budget for lat month is no longer the same for this month .. but this is just regular folks .. showing the finger too the financial institutions … and honestly .. the financial institutions seem to don t care.

Why else would we be so easily inclined to spend, or worst, overspend .. because it’s made easy for uss, that’s why .. credit card companies just flood the mailboxes with offer, car vendors will even promise not to check your credit ..

We living on a cesspool .. and it’s getting stinkier by the minute,, it started in the USA and it’s spreading all over the world ..

Rules need to be made tougher,, not easier .. but no, banks and financial institucions will continue to make it easier for the retarded Joe to completely goo overboard and spend 2 years of income on a Audio/Video system, but will continue too raise hell for the poor working class honest man who wants to buy a house for his family ..

It makes me sick.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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