Latest Vape Kit

So over the years I have had my share of cape mods and tanks, of course the industry keeps improving what’s available and not surprisingly my latest combo is my best one yet (sound like and iPhone announcement)

This time I settled on the Aegis Legend for the MOD, I kept on breaking the ones from Smok (Alien, etc) so I needed something durable, the first Aegis was a single battery unit, that would not work for me, so when they announced the dual 18660, 200W one, I was sold

The Tank is the Aromamizer Plus, I been using the supreme v2 for over a year now and quite happy with it, the plus with its postless deck is even better, no leaks so far and very easy to build.

The only problem ? This is my second set, lost the exact combo 2 weeks ago in Copenhagen when I had it for just about a week or so … that sucked !


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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