His & Hers e-Shisha

I have not been a cigarette smoker in 14 years, but I am an occasional cigar smoker, and latelly I started to gather a large cigar collection that I am ageing on my humidor, problem was, I also started to smoke them allot more often.


So to get back into the old habit of only having a cigar every so often, I decided to try these new e-cigars/e-cigarettes, but I hated them, so I decided to try e-shish instead, basically it does not try to be a cigar/cigarette, it’s a completely different experience, one I enjoyed

Its only water vapour, so no nasty tar and other junk in my lungs, and for now I am using  very low dosage of nicotine (8mg) and probably will make it even lower, I got the itaste SVD unit with the Nautilus thank, and since the GF was interested in trying it, I bought her a smaller unit with the Nautilus Mini thank 🙂

Here they are



Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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