So I needed to remove the AC vents form the radio console, so I can have it painted
I noticed there are 6 tabs that hold it in place, and while slotting in it’s dead easy, to remove it it’s a pain, as the vents unit must slide out as one, so having all 6 tabs released from it’s hold at the same time is important, so not to cause damage and break a tab

For those who did this before, I can imagine the frustration, you get one tab off, go to work on the other and it slides back in

My quick solution .. these cheap hair clips from my daughters, by using the wider bit, and because they are so thin, they easily slide between the tab and the vent unit …

So I slided in 6 hair clips .. easy


And the vent unit just slide right out … one of those things that takes you 30 minutes to figure to and 30 seconds to do it 😉


Figure this might be helpful hint to somebody doing the same 🙂