Dang, hard to believe i’ve done 6 sessions already, near 18 hours of pain on the sleeve so far.

For this session we did most of my NullMind logo, this is my own personal logo for my own web identity, and since it’s my web based work for the past 14 years that has paid the bills and defined our lifestyle, it was fitting that I had it on my sleeve.

I love my logo, it was done by my friend Adilson Farias, when he used to do some work with Yellowicon, funny enough this was not the first version, the first version he did was a bit too ‘fluffy’, I wanted it a bit more dark/scary/metalic, so we redid it and this was the final version, all the way back in 2003 I believe 🙂

I won’t be doing any more sessions until the end of September, as both myself and the tattoo artist are going away, but when we return, the job is to finish the NullMind bit (we need to do the eyes and the pipes coming out of the dome), and work on the background of the entire sleeve .. I still have NO idea what to do for that.

photo 3.JPG