About 13 years ago, a friend of mine went off the rails, he left his gorgeous fantastic wife and kids and started a new life as a care free single ‘dude’

At the time I (and most of our other friends) where appalled, how could he do that ?, such a nice life he had, such a fantastic family, why trow it all away ?

While I don’t foresee his predicament becoming mine, I now understand why he did it, life is simply too short to settle for ‘OK’

I’m happy on my personal life, I am not settling for what I have, I know what I got is very good, and nothing will change that, but there are so many other parts of my life that I start to question, WTF am I doing ?

At 38 I am a prime candidate for a middle life crisis, and in some aspects I believe I am living one already, of lately I been wondering more and more, what’s the purpose ?, what am I doing that actually makes me happy ? Or what will I be remembered for ?.

I wonder how many of my friends of similar age are going thought the same, that infernal question that burns on your mind, am I doing the best I can with this one life I was granted ?, am I truly enjoying life, or merely passing by ?

So many questions, and so many decisions that I need to do something about on the months to come!