The Wireless Box III that have from O2 has been nothing but problematic on the Wi-Fi side, sow speeds and constant disconnects, so I got a Belkin N1 Vision

Initially I ordered the version with the built-in ADSL modem, but I could not get it to connect to O2, so I replaced it with the cable modem version (works just as well provided you have a ADSL modem), and now all my wireless problems are gone, it’s rock solid and now my drobo server and livingroom ATV are connected via 1GIG ethernet 🙂

I know the N1 is now a few years old, but it’s N technology and that display just got my attention, I have it set to the UP/DOWN view, it’s cool to see it burst when I am watching a movie or renting an iTunes show, also proven useful to see if the girls are using the computers on their bedroom past their bed time 🙂