Yay, finally, a pic of our banners at Neo08 :)


I was one of the “very small” sponsors at the Neo08 .. we also advertise at the Neo-Buggy site .. so as such I got to send some banner to the event

Phil (Neo) told me I could send up to 3 meters by 2 meters, but by the life of me, I could not figure how it would be used, so instead I did 7 feet by 3 feet .. the normal size to go on the side fence of a track.

I was really pissed when I arrived at the Neo and saw 3 SIIM banners that where 3 meters by 2 meters on the back wall, towering above all others and very visible .. yep, i was kicing myself .. thats OK, now I know better and next year I will do them that big.

Anyway, looking at the Neo pics today I finally found some with our banner in the background .. yeah, I’m pathetic .. but I was proud of being able to advertise there 😀

normal_5S4Z6130.JPG normal_5S4Z6452.JPG

Our banners in the Background


See the nice SIIM banner above ours (being obscured by the crowd) .. thats what i’ll do next year


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