Hobbyco trip


Today I took a 2 Hour drive to visit The Hobby Co .. the distributors of Tamiya, Italeri, Carson, and a few others, they invited us over for a little bit of relations mending .. to show they are a “nice company” and the bad experience we had with the rep should not put us off … O-K

Paul (Racing buddy) came along with me, we where quite excited to check out the distributor’s place and see what great toys they might have, and of course, what products I should consider for the shop.

I must say, their building was quite nice, but not a single indication that it’s them, no signs, no name at the door, nothing .. I guess they dont want people knocking at the door and asking for repairs 🙂

Overall it was a pleasant experience, I was trilled to check the Tamiya 1/14th Big Rig trucks, they where quite impressive, and there where a few other bits and bops that looked “nice” .. but in general, I was not trilled… there was really nothing new, neither there was any one product I felt the need to pull the credit card out for.

So .. we will of course stock the Tamiya plastic models and paints, and some of their on road electric cars, not sure if we will bother with any of the Carson RC line, they also sell Ninco slot cars .. it looked interesting, perhaps something to consider in the future .. but for now, it’s Just Tamiya and Italeri.


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