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For a while now, me and my wife have been thinking of buying a holiday home, we usually go to Seton Sands in Scotland for Holiday, and they have these very nice homes (we call them mobile/manufactured homes back in florida) .. and we did considered buying there, but it’s a 4 hour drive, so it means we would only use it a few times a year.

Instead we decided to look at Blackpool .. it’s considered by many to the the Orlando of England (?), and when i visited, I did got the feeling it’s a Holiday town, lots of different parks and attractions .. maybe a mini-orlando is more precise 🙂

Blackpool is a mere 70 miles to us, and of those 60 are all Motorway miles (M6) .. so in less than one hour and fifteen minutes, we are there, it’s a very easy drive too.

Anyway, we looked at a few Holiday Parks, and some of the were just a bit busy for our taste, they where more targeted to people on a week or weekend holiday, vs holiday home owners .. therefore, it was very busy, but luck had it, we found one that was just what we wanted, not a “rental” focused park, but instead one that caters to owners .. therefore, it was extremely quiet and tidy.

Plus it’s in walking distance to the tram and the beaches 😀

We bought this Place, it’s a 1997 model, it has 3 bedrooms, luxury interior (proper recliner couches, actual dining tables, etc .. not the “fitted” crap that these houses are usually associated with), the previous owners kept it immaculate, as it is right now it’s perfect, but we wish to do some work on the outside (the grounds) and put a nice big deck for some outdoor entertaining and a “skirt” all around it to loose that “mobile home” look, it is also currently missing the steps & rail to climb up to the doors, they will be in Monday.

Here are some pictures … we will be going there next Friday to spend the weekend .. the bonus for me is that the NNRC racetrack is just a couple miles down the road, so I’ll be racing there on their Summer & Winter series 🙂

It is great to have a second place to call home, it is also double nice to have a place to go if the wife ever gets mad at me and sends me to the dog house. 😀

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