it’s 8 minutes past midnight, on July 4th ..

I was doing some late night work when i got this e-mail

Hello NullMind,

We at GOT NITRO would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

Its one of those stupid e-mails automatically sent out by a message board, such as Vbulletin .. anyway, I looked at the message and was a bit baffled.

what do they mean, happy b-day ?” … I was thinking the date on my profile is probably wrong .. when it hit me … “it IS my b-day!!

I had completely forgot … and I dont mean like you forget the day before or the day of thats it’s your b-day, i mean, it just snuck up on me, I haven’t tough of it since .. well … last year.

Later today, I would have been reminded when the cards and presents from the wife and the girls show up, but still … I just .. forgot ..

Is it a sign of aging ? a few years back I always looked forward to the date .. it was a stamp of merit to be one year older .. but then you hit 30, and before you know it .. your no longer seen as a young professional .. your just one of the “old and experienced” people around the office … (the uncool ones)

Bummer … I want to go back to be the young “know-it-all with an attitude to match” that made the old guys cringe and scared of loosing their jobs for the young generation… Now I am just the “know-it-all with a bad attitude that can fire you himself” .. well, I guess it’s close enough ..

So how old am I ? .. I actually had to think about it .. and ashamed to say … count the years also … I am 33 !!

Yes .. I’m not that old .. but why do I feel 53 ?


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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