My new Schumaker Rascal


I traded my Mini-LST for a Schumaker Rascal .. just got it, and aint it a beuty !! 🙂

For those on the know, it does have the 2 speed upgrade, 14mm hexes with bigger wheels and a wheely bar

I set it up with my Nomadio and took it for a spin today, it’s mentally fast .. a .18 on such a small truck can do some real damage

What surprised me was the different smell and sound of a small block, I was not used to it anymore, brought back memories from my 1/10th on-road days ..

I am running it on Nitrotane 30% 😀

I cant wait to take it to the track tomorrow !!

Rascal3 Rascal4
Rascal2 Rascal1

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