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May 2007

Aye Aye Wi-Fi

I'm in the middle of the channel between Ireland and the UK .. surfing at speeds of 700kps+ Such is...

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Setup Station on LST2

So I decided to see if it will fit the LST2 as well And sure enought .. it fits !!! Now, keep in...

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Setup Station .. WOW

Today I got a M-Racing setup station from lee @ Rapid RC for my 8T truggy I have never used one...

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Cameras … the hunt is on again

Last year, I sold my Canon 20D and lenses, and instead bought a Nikon P1 as a pocket camera. The...

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My Duo (8T & LST2)

After allot of work, here they are, both ready for the races this weekend The LST2 of course has...

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