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Today I received a set of OFNA offset wheels that I purchased last week online

My idea was to replace the Proline, non-offset ones that I am using right now with these, so the LST2 stands wider and the front tires dont rub in the arms when on a tight turn.

So I knew I had to remove the tires from the current wheels, and from research online, I found out the best way was to .. err .. boil them

Boiling the tire subjects the super-glue which binds the tire and wheel to intense heat, which then makes the glue regress to a liquid state, at this point it looses it’s glue properties and the tire can be safely remove .. easy no ?

Well, the problem with internet advise and pictures is, they dont give you a sense of SMELL .. and these things stunk while boiling .. my wife was certainly not impressed .. and to think I read somewhere you can also bake them .. but the smell is even worst .. ouch

Here is a picture of the tire on the pot, since it floats, and you must remove the glue from both sides, I had to boil them for 15 minutes and flip the wheel for another 15 minutes on the other side, later I tried with less time, and by the 4th tire I found out that 7 minutes each side was enough to liquify the glue.

add some potatoes and it’s yummy
Here is the tire once removed from the wheel


The new HUGE offset wheels
Img 2566 Img 2567

And a show with the new wheel on the left, and the one I’m replacing on the right .. amazing how much wider the truck will be .. will make it for sure very stable during racing.

Yep … I’m loosing the plot 😀

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