What ?, me blog ?

So, there I was yesterday, up to my neck in work … trying to please the nice clients, avoiding the not so nice ones, when my ICQ blinks up … it was Keith from Pingzine asking if I had a minute.

I have knows Keith for about 7 years now .. back in the WizardsHosting days, he had a reseller package with us, and always one of the “nice” clients you where never bothered to give a minute to.

Anyway, he to asked me if I still wanted to write on the PingZine blog .. he reminded me it was something we spoke about several times for the past few months, and I had agreed before (did I ?) .. so, since Keith is a good friend, I proceed to ask “How much will you pay me ?” … after a long sad story about how he has kids, a wife, a mistress and a pet elephant (?) to support .. I agreed to do it for just twice the amount the other blogger get .. yes, I know they get $0 .. but I can still brag I get paid twice as much as them.

But there was still the matter of the fact I am not one of the so called “web guru’s” .. who go on blogging and telling people they are the real deal, if you read their columns, you will find the path to real success on this otherwise uber-competitive market, besides, if I knew the path to success, why would I be giving it away fro free on a Blog ?

Neither the less, keith said: “just bog away, say anything you wish, just don’t upset out other advertisers”, to which I reply “so I cannot say things like, forget all the other hosts, they are all C$ap.. Go with Relio instead ?”, and he said “no, you cannot say the other hosts are c$rap, and people should go with Relio”… so there you have it .. I cant say that .. bummer.

Who are you ?, you probably thinking by now, I have been a part of the WebHosting industry for 8 years now, before with WizardsHosting, then Datacolo, and since 2004, with Relio (wich is basically a re-branded wizardshosting post cpanel hell era, and into H-Sphere heaven), also before the grammar police starts bickering, english is not my first or second language .. it’s my third.

I like to think I know allot about this industry .. after all I manage to survive in it for so long, but every month, heck, sometimes every day, I see something new that makes me realize how little one really knows about anything nowadays, and how if you blink for a second, you are history, and your competitors have left you in the dust.

I will be posting there until Keith decides to pay me to stop, sometimes about webhosting, but mostly about nothing at all ..

Here is the link this post on the new PingZine blog



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