Plasma Bummer

I just bought a used paid (yes, used, I am cheap, long live ebay) of Sony MDR-DS5100 Cordless Headphones with Surround Sound.

These headphones costed upwards of £350 when new, so when I managed to grab them for less than £80 .. I was happy.

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But my happiness was short lived, I received them on Saturday, proceeded to plug them to my XBOX 360 via the Optical connection, sited on my comfy leather chair, ready for a round of Oblivion … when this crackling noise started to appear.

After much investigating, I find out that Plasma TV’s, like the sun, give light in the infrared spectrum, it’s not visible to the human eye, but interfere major time with IR receivers.

Now, if we talking about a remote control, it’s no big deal, but for wireless sound, a major problem, you get cracking noise all over, and depending on the colors on the screen, the noise gets louder or goes away for moments, this is not a problem with CRT or LCD TV’s .. only Plasma.

So, now I have to sell them again, just 2 days after I receive them, and go search for a “Radio” wireless set instead.

Who would have tough my TV had so much in common with the SUN, every day you learn something new 🙂

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