This thread realy shows how small most hosts are on WHT.

You need to understand what Aussie-Bob means, this industry is indeed set to vanish within a decade, not that hosting itself will die, but how hosting is sold and provided is seriously under threat.

We are seeing a rise in specialized hosting sites, say photobucket for people who only need image hosting, NING for application deployment, and who knows, tomorrow Google and Microsoft ?.

Somebody there said “your family, friends and their friends will want to host with you” .. true .. but then you have no ambition, thats no different than selling hot dogs on a trolley, but thinking your a restaurant.

Somebody else pointed the obvious rise in Broadband speeds … nice isn’t it ?, I wonder how long before you can host your own “myspace” kind of site on your XBOX.

And of course, today’s photobucket and myspace are tomorrow’s Google’s Bucket-of-Picures and MSN Spaces … the big keep on buying and growing .. and the small keep on being left behind.

The mid-sized hosts today are on a frantic quest to buy each others, and tomorrow they themselves are set to be bought, consolidation is the only way to fight the giants who will show up in the next few years, to think anything less is to bury your head in the sand and hope for the best.

Web Hosting will become easier to signup for, easier to use, and a part of everyday live, the digital generation shares online photo-albums as once before people sent postcards, emails is to be the only way to contact others, and this is to become even bigger and greater .. but make no mistaque, this is not “web hosting” as one knows it, people will not be loging in to a Cpanel/Plesk/H-sphere accoutn to do it so, or bothering with browsing the web foo fony hosting directories to tell them with who they should host (AKA, who paid them the most), they will be logging to streamlined, dull and idiot-proof versions of it created by the “giants”, with specialized “hosting” sections for whatever your need is, the bill ?, most likely bundled with their electric bill or something blase like that (or free).

Users wont know whats “bandwidth” and “disk space” .. yes, Unlimited is the future, but of course, provided by companies who really mean it, not some pimpled face on a VPS offering what he doesn’t have.

It is evident that a certain percentage of the business is still to be run by the small entrepreneur, there is always space for small biz to make a buck, but the day that you can go to .. say “google” .. and click on “my site”, alongside “my pictures, my mail, my calendar, my maps … etc” is the day that huge chunk of less than tech savy, or that other chuck of clients that simply do not have the time or the patience to deal with a fantastico or easyapps script cancel their web hosting subscription.

The fact of the matter is .. will “web hosting” as we know it survive ? or will it evolve into something else .. I am willing to bet it will evolve.

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