Deliver us from Religion …

I have been reading for the past few days about the fiasco of the Pope in quoting some old text that said the prophet Muhammad was evil and inhuman.

And sure enough, Muslim leaders got mad, he apologized and they didn’t accept.

So whats next, bombing of churches ? an all out attach on christians ? .. is it me or some muslim leaders just cant deny themselves the opportunity to launch some Jihad .. funny, this story is starting to remind me of other Western man who is never in touch with reason, Mr Bush and the American Military machine.

Maybe those same Muslim leaders and Bush have allot more in common than they care to admit, the allure of war and suffering of their soldiers doesn’t seem to deter them, put them in the front-lines fighting with the foot soldiers, like back in mediaeval times, and lets see how quick the tune changes.

Is Islam merely 1000 years behind christianity ?, back then Popes could not wait to launch their own Jihad(Crusade) against the Muslins .. is this just pay back 10 centuries in the making ?

whatever the reason is, it’s getting old, we turn on TV and it’s the Muslims against the Jews in Israel, the Catholics vs the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a pope in Rome who lacks it’s pre-cessor’s finesse and carefulness on what he says (not that the previous pope was afraid to say anything, but his timing was never off) …

I now see Hamas is still defiant in not recognizing Israel, for F***** Sakes people, get over it.

I for once dont care about religion, I was raised catholic, but early on my teens fell off grace with the institution when I started to learn more about science .. and the two simply dont mix.

It just appears that in this new century, we are back to the late 10th century, where all evils are caused by religion, and man seek to alienate each other based on their gods and religious believes …

At the expense of sounding like a 12 years old, Religion Sucks

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