3 Hours waiting for the AA

What a crappy day, the wife went to B&Q with the kid son the Merc, on the way home she ran out of Petrol (how the heck you miss your fuel gauge on red is beyond me), so she called me to come and help, but had no clue were she was.

After I instructed her to check TomTom (GPS), I had an idea of where I could find them, so I went to a Petrol station, bought a container, 5 liters of Petrol and I was on my way.

By the time I arrived there, she had killed the battery as well, and better yet, as she opened the sunroof a fuse blew, so the sunroof was stuck open.

So now I have Petrol, but no battery, I told them to go home on my car and decided to call the AA (same as USA AAA) and wait for a Jump.

They told me 90 minutes, which by itself was already allot longer than the promised 1 hour or less you get when you buy into membership, I was wondering if I should just call the wife and have her buy a set of jump cables and come back, I decided to just wait.

After 30 minutes, it started to rain Hale .. just my luck, as the sunroof was stuck open, I quickly improvised by using a dry cleaning bag to prevent the Hale and rain to come in, but I had to sit there with my hands holding the bag so it did not flew away .. by this time i am cursing up a storm.

When the rain subsided for a while, I quickly went to the fuse box under the bonnet, replaced the blow fuse with one of the others, closed the sunroof and returned the fuse to it’s original place .. at lest now I could wait and be Dry ..

After 90 minutes, i got a call form the AA saying they were late, not happy, but still I was now comfortable (mercs are incredibly confy, even old ones) .. it was raining, so I just decided t take a nap 🙂

Eventually they arrived after 3 hours, the AA driver was asking me to put in a complaint, as this was too long of a wait, I just wanted ot get the hell out of there.

After a jump and some extra Petrol, the Merc was running like new once again, great car, but it managed to wreck my Sunday.

Then again, I did manage to get a nap and had some quiet time to myself 😉

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