I’m just so excited I had to post, I got my Powerbook (OSX 10.4) and my XDA Exec working together, the Exec as a Bluetooth modem thru O2.

So now I am able to browse the web/get emails on my Powerbook using the EXEC as a GPRS/3G modem .. Anywhere.

I had scour the web for a month, every post I found on this was a failure, nobody could get it going, seems it would work on a PC, but not on a MAC .. well, it will work on a MAC 🙂

All I had to do was:

1 – Flash be bios with the Jasjar one (??) (I had done this before, I dont know if it works with the O2 bios, I will assume it will)
2 – On EXEC, start Bluetooth and make it discoverable, run “Wireless modem” under programs .. enable Bluetooth modem in “Wireless Modem”
3 – on Powerbook, Setup a new Bluetooth device, choose “any device” . it will find the Jasjar/Exec .. pair them.
4 – On Powerbook, go to “internet connect” .. click on bluetooth, create a new config with:

Description: O2 Web
Tel. Number: *99#
user: mobileweb
passwd: password
modem: au cdmaOne Bluetooth adapter

Then just click “connect” and your on the web (well, at least I am) 🙂

I am about to leave to Edinburgh tomorrow morning for a R&R Weekend, and was worried how I would check my mail and work offsite if I needed to .. now I got it covered 😀

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