Moving on Up

… to Manchester

Today (July 15th) we moved to manchester .. I went down to a local rent-a-van place were I got an Iveco white van to load up al our stuff, after driving the Iveco for 1/2 a mile I retuned back and asked for a different one, the steering wheel shaft was too close to the pedals, and my foot kept on getting stuck

30 minutes later and I was loading up a Fort Transit 🙂

I drove to Manchester by myself .. and the 3 hour drive would have been very pleasant, was not for a snag on M6 were it took me 1 hour to drive 500 feet.

I made it just on time to meet with the realtor and get the key .. after that I drove by the office were I dropped my computer, I made it back to Cardiff at about 1:00 AM

Then at 9:00 AM I returned the Van, packed the Multipla with the family and away we were to start a new life in Mancs 🙂

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Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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