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The folks at Awesome Blogs ran a small interview with yours truly ..

The article can be found HERE

Very informal .. but quite nice 🙂

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Blog Url:Nullmind

Name: Carlos Rego

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Location: Cardiff, UK

1. When did u start your blog?

I started blogging with MT back in April 2003, initially all my
entries were (and some still are) private, back then I was going thru
some tough times, and used the blog as a means to release my
frustration and confine to a digital medium, but still keeping it to
my eyes only, but lately I have been revisiting those same entries
and slowly making them public .. for the past year however, all my
entries are public, I believe the more you blog, the bolder you
become and open up more.

2. Did anyone inspire you to Start a blog?

Not really, back when I was a kid, I had a journal, it sounds the
sort of thing girls do, but I loved mine, I would draw allot on it
and take notes of new experiences, places and things. The succession
of it to a blog was a natural one.

3. What powers your Blog? (blogger/wordpress..etc..)

Currently is powered by WordPress, initially when I started I was
using MovableType, but I never been too keen on CGI (perl), so at the
end of 2003 I moved to b2evolution .. but after seeing that project
go nowhere (development stalled) I decided it was time to move on,
MovableType was the obvious choice .. another tool I use and love is
“ecto” .. it allows me to create my posts in OSX, complete with
images and technorati tags and then publish them to the blog, very

4. Name 3 blogs that inspire/captivate/captures yr attention.

Not sure if it qualifies as a blog, but close enough, http://
slashdot.org/, other than that, i just jump on technorati and look
for blogs on whatever tecnorati categories I am writing that day, and
the occasional check on the linuxCult.com blog’s – http://

5. Your Fav Music

I’m a big fan of Project bands like “Deep Forest” … I also enjoy
Enya’s music, basically any mixture of classical and techno will do
me in, I cant stand POP .. but then again, I am getting old.

6. Do You Blog regularly?

Sometimes 2-3 times a day, then i’ll go a couple of days witouth an
entry, I only blog what has meaning to me, I hate the fact most blogs
nowadays are all news oriented, I wont comment on a news-topic unless
I feel strong about it, most bloggers seem to just copy the news
article into a post and call it a blog.

7. How many friends of yours Blog too?

I know of 3 or 4 who do, sometimes they need a little incentive to
get writing again, but it’s catching on.

8. Did you design your own Blog?

I took an existing skin (MX4) and went to work on it, it gave me the
layout structure I was looking, if you look at it and the skin it’s
based, it’s quite different now, I also went on a mission for cool
plugins, I was able to nicely integrate jVisitors with the theme, and
my DVD collection as well.

9. What do you think makes your blog interesting?

I write about the simplest of things, and the coolest of things (that
I buy), I love to shop for the latest and greatest on the tech world,
when i get myself a new toy I make sure to write about it from my
point of view, the everyday joe, and no the paid reviewer.

I also write about everyday stuff that mean something to me, I might
see a stupid sign on a road and write about it, I try to write mostly
to myself, and not for an audience.

10. Your advice for people just beginning to start a blog…..

Like Nike says “Just Do It”, a blog is a great thing for prosperity,
I envision 20 or 30 years from now, having my kids read it and go “I
never knew DAD was like that”.

11. 5 years from now..do u think u will still be blogging?

Of course, I have much more of myself that I wish to share with
others, especially my family and growing kids.

12. The future of Blogs…..where would it lead to? in your opinion.

Personal journals haven’t changed for milenia, I dont think blogs
will change much either, there might be a few cool gizmos and plugins
here and there, but ultimately it is a bonified digital journal,
people telling the world their story, secrets, hope and dreams ..

13. your motto in life

Try not to look back, and try not to dwell on the mistaques of the
past … the future is allot more fun, that’s the way I try to live,
sometimes it doesn’t quite work that way, but I’ll keep trying.

14. If you were not blogging you would……..

Work, I’m a workaholic ..

15. Google…what do You think about Google?

Google is a outstanding, clutter free search tool, it is also the
depiction of lust, it’s over inflated stock makes it bigger than
media companies like Time Warner, who gross 10x as more than Google,
it shows us what a messed-up financial times we live in.

16. What do You think Makes your Blog Special?

It’s not a news repository.

17. what is your blog mainly about?

Everything that is part of an ordinary geek’s life, from the latest
cool supercomputer, to the family trip, just a human being’s small
part on this increasingly small planet.

18. Decribe your blog in less than 500 words…

NullMind’s Lair is the blog of a multi faceted individual, who loves
computers, art, traveling, family and work.

It depicts every day events, and once in a while, very opinionated
comments about the state of the society we live on, the blog does not
have a single theme, the blogger does not have a single interest.

Null also uses the blog to share any tips or tricks he might come
across on his everyday job as a Sysadmin that other might find useful.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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