If nothing else, I love the UK post delivery is fairly early in the morning.

This morning at 8:45 a knock on my door… it was the delivery service with my new Dell 2405FPW πŸ™‚

My First reaction was surprise to how much wider the box itself was, compared to the 2005FPW box .. I rush in to open it up and set the monitor up, but we had an appointment for the girl’s doctors at 9:30, so it would have to wait till I come back from it before I could lay my eyes on it …
Dsc00058-3 Dsc00061

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Once I was back, I then opened it up and started to put it together .. I was very apprehensive .. having the 2005 already, I was hoping the size difference was noticeable, otherwise this was just money down the drain, my worries were put to rest once I got the display out of the box .. man .. this thing is HUGE.
Dsc00062-1 Dsc00065-1

I started by taking a picture of it next to the 2005 I pulled out .. this picture doesn’t make it justice .. so I went on to plug it on, and check them side by side

There the size difference is really noticeable .. the 2405FPW is seriously larger than the 2005FPW

When I first turned it on my reaction was “WOW” .. the amount of it that filled my field of vision was staggering, this is indeed the perfect size monitor.

One of the things I was eager to check out, was how many more contacts I would get on my Adium Instant Messenger, so I took a capture with the old size and the new one, it seems I can get between 11 and 13 more contacts listed (depends if you have categories at the bottom) .. might not sound like allot .. but believe me .. it is πŸ˜€
Contlist1-1 Contlist2-1

I then went on to compare the real estate gain between the 1680*1050 and 1920*1200 ..

The blue area shows the old size, the rest is new display .. I end-up by gaining almost 25% more estate .. which for somebody like me who has 10+ windows open at any time (over 2 monitors) it’s a real gain.

My biggest joy with this monitor over the 2005FPW is that it can take a Component signal IN now (Legend 5), I cant wait for the XBOX 360 to come out, because that is exactly were it will go.
Bottom-View 2-1

It’s a little brighter than the 2005 I think, well, a least I have reduced the brightness even more than on the 2005 (the 2005 is already way brighter than one needs) I also don’t see any of the light washing some people used to complaint abut on the 2005FPW .. this one is perfect .. not a single dead pixel either .. initially the whites were a lil yellow, but a quick Color Calibration took care of that, now the whites are as milky as ever.

I now cant wait to get the second one .. 2 x 24″ is going to be amazing, but as i write this, i look at all the area, and I must say, even just one 24″ will be amazing to 99% of the people out there, this is without a doubt the best bang for the buck out there right now.

All I can say once again is WOW .. and LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT….