Yesterday the SWMUG ((South Wales Mac User Group) got together at a place called McArthurGlenn Outlets .. we only meet there and then departed to a nearby pub.

Today i decided too goo back and check it out a little better .. it’s just like any outlet compound in the USA .. quite nice.. lots of different stores with Ok pricing.

I saw a Apron with Home Simpson on it which i was to grab on the way out, but forgot, I’ll goo back sometime this week and snag it.

A few pictures of it, it’s actually quite a big place,, the corridors on the pictures are actually two different sections, easy parking as well.

Img 0316 Img 0317 Img 0318

Img 0319 Img 0320 Img 0322

I then went to the food court .. were I ordered a hot-dog .. the clerk told me they didn’t had that kind, so i asked another, and he says they don’t have that sauce .. so i ask him if he’s got ANYTHING,, he replies … NO .. we closing the business … ok …


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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