New Car

Today I finally picked up my new car .. a Fiat Multipla JTD ELX (2001 / 38K Miles).

Before driving off the lot, I double check everything,, made sure the service had been done, the car was properly clean .. everything checked fine.

As I am driving on the Motor-way, 3 miles from the dealer,, the car .. DIES.

It simply turned off, and it would not go back on, after waiting for 10 minutes and calling the dealership bitching, it finally turn ON again, so I try too drive it back to the garage .. but as luck would have it,, a few miles down the road, it dies again.

So I called the dealership again, and they sent a crew out to get me and the car .. by then I am quite worried.

We took the car back too the garage, and after close inspection the mechanic found the RPM sensor (which had been replaced) was not properly setup in place, and since it was a bit dislodged,, it would overheat and make the car stall.

They plugged it in properly and took it for a long drive .. man,, what a difference the car was driving smooth as silk.

So in the end it was all OK .. just a minor nuisance .. and it’s now proudly parked on my driveway 🙂

2005-04-21 11-04-24-1 2005-04-21 11-02-55-1

2005-04-21 11-03-57-1 2005-04-21 14-00-04-2


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