NTL: Yes, they are bad !

A few months ago I saw a report on a TV program called “Watchdog” on how clients complaint the NTL was terrible, some of the stories were of people trying to cancel their service and basically only finding blockades everywhere.

So when I got ready to call them today to cancel my old apartment’s service, i was a bit weary .. and did I had reason to be.

The people are Jerks .. and the biggest pain in the ass to work with .. I spend 42 minutes on hold just to have a rep tell me I had to call another department (apparently “CANCELLATIONS” was not the right dept. .. then I was on hold for another 20 minutes before another rep picked up the phone and before I could say “hi” hang it up on me … and I had to start it all over.

What is this ? not wanting to sound paranoid, but I felt like they were trying to see if I was on hold long enough I would not bother to cancel ? what kind of company can make their clients (for the next 20 minutes) be on hold for 40 minutes .. it’;s disrespectful (especially when you get a message saying wait time can be UP to 10 minutes ,… they forget the other 30)

Then when I finally (after another 40 minutes, and several minimal wage reps.) I got the right rep. .. she is trying to tell me I cant cancel because I have a 1 year contract (I know I do, but the reason I want to cancel is they cant move my service to my new place) .. so this tech goes on and on on wanting to put me on a BT line .. and all sorts of crap .. or I have to pay all of my contract.

So I told her Fine .. I’ll pay for the contract, as long as you give me EXACLY what I ordered (which I know they cant, they got no service here) .. eventually I was sent to another Rep .. which gave me no grief and just cancelled the bloody thing.

Almost 2 hours on the phone with some of the rudest, most stupid people I have ever spoken with.

I used to think BT was a bunch of twigs .. but now .. long live BT and Sky …



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