This week we finally got the tickets for Sally and the Girls to fly to the UK.

They will leave FLA on the 9th of May .. and Arrive at 6:30 AM on the 10th .. even so the flight itself is 7 hours, due to the time-zone shift, they will arrive 12 hours after they leave.

One of our friends (Betty) will accompany Sally and the girls on their trip here, while her husband Jim, will come a week earlier (2nd) .. so we can just hang out for a while before everybody arrives.

I’m very excited, I have been away from the family for way too long, and cant wait to see my daughters .. about time our family reunites.

We will have been apart for 8 months, an incredible long time .. but it had to be done now while the girls are still young, a few months on and they wont remember they were ever apart from me.

On a lighter note .. I need to enjoy my last semi-bachelor days .. when the girls arrive, I’ll have my hands full (and happy to). 🙂