Hell dot Com II

The techs at PSoft spent a good deal of the night moving all the data to the new server, at about 8:00 AM everything was moved over.

We are of course finding a few glitches here and there, some Miva carts stopped working, FTP was down, so was Urchin .. but those are being fixed as we go .. the big hurdle has gone past us .. at least I hope so.

I am mentally drained .. I had very little sleep last night, I worry way too much with clients servers .. it’s technically not my problem, but I cant let it go .. also, nowadays the clients don’t fall off trees like a few years back, so one must keep them happy and one must keep them UP.

I have a big meeting tomorrow in Nothingham .. so I plan to take it easy this afternoon, see if I can get some rest so I am sharp and ready to go for tomorrow.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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