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Today I drove 140 Miles to Dorchester, Dorset to go pick up my new G5 🙂

Unfortunately they did not had the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT DDL, so I was stuck with a Radeon 9600 instead, I will replace it with a Ati X800 or Nvidia 6800 soon.

The Initial specs are as follow

– Dual G5 2.5Ghz PowerPC G5
– .5 GB RAM PC3200 (400MHz)
– 160 GB HD Serial ATA; 7200 rpm
– Ati Radeon 9600 128MB
– Aiport Extreme (WiFi)


– 2 x 512MB Crucial RAM (for a total of 1.5 GB)

I hurry up to set it up as soon as I got home, this is the first view of the machine 🙂

then it was down to upgrading the RAM

the two extra sticks from Crucial:

Side panel open:

Opening the inside plastic cover:

On first glance, I am still a bit undecided which design I like best,, when you open the side panels, the G5 wins, hands down it’s the cleanest, most organized setup I have ever seen, but the outside does not strike me as much, it is VERY NICE .. but a bit square .. doesn’t have that nice “roundness” to it that macs usually do .. it’s more reminiscent of a high end PC case (but to be fair, one must say this is the type of case PC manufacturers been trying to built, but have been unsuccessful), the G4 is just sheer beauty, the nice roundness of it, the plastic coating .. it just reminds me more of a MAC than the G5.

I ran some benchmarks (next Page):


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2 thoughts on “Test Results

  1. I agree about the superiority of the G4 design. I made the same upgrade (except my G5 is a 1.8 Dualie) and really miss the G4’s striking exterior. In my opinion, the MDD is the best looking Powermac of all time. I, however, do not miss the noise the the MDD put out. It was like having a 737 on my desk! Anyhow, congrats on the beautiful new machine.

  2. Indeed the MDD and Imac G4 are my all time favorite designs as well.

    As for noise, the G5 in standard usage is indeed as quiet as a wisper, but when I set lightwave too render a complicatted scene .. those extra fans kick in and it can get a little noisy also, but since it’s only when its in High Gear .. I dont mind 🙂

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