A few days ago (16th) I decided to get a new Laser mouse, of course the only one on the market right now is the Logitech MX1000

I was very please with it until last night wen it suddenly stopped working .. the indicator lights for the battery just went dark, no response from the mouse at all .. I even try to leave it on the charge overnight .. nothing, still dead.

So I went to PCWORLD this morning to try and exchange it .. just my luck, they ran out of them, but luckily there is another PCWORLD off A48, so i drove a few miles and sure enough, they had 7 of them.

But it was not to be, I got home, plugged it back in, and started to notice the cursor jumped once in a while .. not acceptable 🙁

so I returned to the store and got my 3RD MX1000 ..

Let’s hope this one lasts 🙂


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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