Flight to the UK

Got up early, about 5:30 .. I was too nervous to sleep .. I have a mortal fear of flying, so the idea of getting into 2 planes was just nerve wrecking.

MY mother came and sit with me at about 6:30 .. the cab was already scheduled for 7:45 .. we spoke for a while, all and all I will miss her allot.

Cab came at 7:45 .. we loaded up the bags .. my mother and sister started to cry .. I felt very bad, and gave sister a hug .. heck, life is too short to bring up resentments on times like these (I stopped speaking to her a few months back over a few incidents)

First part of the journey .. got charged 50� for having 20KG over (they only counted the big bag) .. the flight itself started OK, but mid way the nerves got the best of me, so I went to the bathroom and puked my lungs out, I had only drank a juice that morning, and even so didn’t help.

After that I asked the flight attendant (not stewardess) if I could just stand up next the the WC corridors, she said it was OK, in the meantime a couple from “Rabo de peixe” started talking to me, they where very nice, and the wife had the same fear as me, before we knew it time flew by and we landed .. a Lil of turbulence on the way down, but it’s normal

second part of the journey ..

They made me take weight off the big bad I carried (it was 41Kg) .. so I had to pay 40� for a duffel bag and put some over .. then they charged me 9� a KB !!!! .. for overweight .. I carried the duffel bag so it was less 10KG.. but I still end up paying 225�.. what a f**** ripoff … you can only carry 20KG in Europe .. great ..

the flight itself was very pleasant, after being nervous on the first one, the second went well, I even managed to take a nap .. if was to fly again today (writing this on the 15th) I would be fine

arrived in London, took the Paddington express to the train station .. there I had some Sushi .. it was good and caught a kid trying to steal my briefcase (he says he was “moving it”) ,, yeah right.

caught the train to Cardiff .. very pleasant .. then the cab to the apartment … arrived at about 10 PM ..

Meted Malcolm, who is a Nice guy (new roommate) .. called the wife and mother and then called it a day … way too tired.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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