A nice relaxing meal .. courtesy of mother nature

Yesterday we had a blast .. Me, Sally, Jim and Betty had a nice Cozido @ Furnas (and the kids of course).


It all started two days ago (Sunday), my mother prepared the ingredients on Saturday, and then on Sunday morning, me and Jim went to Furnas to put it in the ground .. but the weather was not pleasant .. it was raining and cold .. so we turned around and headed back home.

Yesterday it was a much better day, I got up at about 6:15 AM and left the house at roughly 7:00 AM by myself .. I arrived in Furnas at 7:50 AM .. waited a little for the local worked and we got the pot in the ground by 8:00 AM.
I then returned home, we relaxed for a bit and then took off to Furnas.

At about 1:30PM, a client (Greg) called, Hsphere was down, so I needed to get a local phone (cell phone had no money), and called the guys on the 12th floor to fix it for me.. they did.

We got to eat at about 2:30PM .. and god .. was it good !!!


We had some nice White Whine with it, took our time eating, and just enjoyed ourselves 🙂

A very nice day it was … 🙂

Today .. Sierra has a sunburn on her face from yesterday .. Sally and Betty went shopping downtown for a bit in the morning and me and jim finished up the cozido.

It is now 6:30PM .. just relaxing .. in a few I will have some Borson cheese and crackers and enjoy the rest of the evening.

All is well 🙂



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