Van got broken in ..

Last night I went out for a few pints with my friend Terry from Cardiff, he comes to the area twice a year, so we try to always for for a cold one.

The pub we go to is called The Borough Arms, great place and it’s affiliation free, so they have dozens of different lagers, bitters, etc etc ..

Anyway, on my way there I decided not to park on a secluded parking lot a few hundred feet from the pub, I was weary that since it was very dark, somebody might break in, instead I parked on the front of the pub (yes, on a double yellow line) on a well lit area, I tough it was safe .. yeah, right.

After a great night of conversation and drinks, we returned to the car to find the passenger side window smashed and my TOM TOM gone .. yes, the downside of parking on a nice lit area .. crooks can see inside the car .. dammit.

I was too happy with the effects of a few pints of Weissbiers (white beers) to care, so I drove to the RC NUT shop and taped some bin bags to the broken window frame .. in case it rained .. with this being England .. there is a good chance it will.

This morning I took a good look at the damage, broken window and £150 TOM TOM gone .. could have been worst, in the back of the Van I had a £300 Helicopter new in the box and a close to £1000 RC racecar .. thankfully the back of the car is dived from the front by a protective mesh .. no back access without a Key 🙂

So I went on the phone to try and find somebody to change the window .. I was disgusted by something I saw, I called 5 or 6 different companies, they all quoted me between £100 and £115 to replace the glass .. but there was this company simply called “Autoglass” in Crewe that quoted me £240 .. and insisted I used my insurer to pay .. basically they are in the business of sticking it to the Insurance companies … then we wonder why premiums are so high.

Anyway, I found a Car Breakers that have one for £15 😀 .. I’ll go pick it up tomorrow (Hopefully) and install it myself with Dave’s (painter next door to RC NUT) help .. £100 saved is more stock on the shop .. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Van got broken in ..

  1. Doubt it, while I am no saint, that particular day, I’m sure I had less than 4 units, which for a large person such as myself, would most certainly not put me over the limit.

    But fair enough, it would have sucked 😀

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