Accident with the Merc

I was working at home today, when the wife called me and said she had an accident with the 500 quid Merc.

My mother (folks are visiting) was with her, after I accessed that everybody was OK, I proceeded to yell at her over the phone for not being careful

She had the accident on one of those country roads between Sandbach and Macclesfield .. so she could not tell me where she was, eventually somebody from the other vehicle got on the phone and explained it to me.

I preceded to drive there, and was quite literally furious, I only have 3rd party insurance, and since she told me it was her fault, I knew I was in for a big bill.

She had hit a small bus/motorhome, by the time I got there it was gone, so was the police, the car had some damage to the front right side, if it was a new car, it would be fine, but such an old car, is just not worthwhile to fix.

To add insult to injury, the owner of the motorhome was on his way home fror the paintshop, he just had it re-painted.

So I’ll be putting it on ebay, see if I can get some money for it, damage is just superficial and to the front-right lights .. there is some frame damage, mostly a rusted area that split (under the bonnet) .. but it’s still drivable.

A friend of mine (Chris) did sent me this as a reminder it could have been allot worst.

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3 thoughts on “Accident with the Merc

  1. The roads around there are mad. I’ve had a few near misses (or should that be near hits) when driving near Knutsford.

  2. Andy

    Problem is, some of the backroads are quite narrow, I know it was the wife’s fault, she paniqued and slammed the brakes, but in the other hand, why would anybody drive such a large vehicle on such a narrow road is beyond me.

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