One more to scratch off the to-do list: Eurotunnel

I’m typing this from within the Eurotunnel itself, I must admit, I am not as hap as I thought i’d be, after al, we are hundreds of feet under water and land, I cant help but feel a little uneasy 🙂

But hey, it beats flying, we entered the tunnel at 11:35(London time) the crossing takes 20 minutes, it’s been almost 10, so we almost 1/2 way there.

I remember when I was living in the US. how I told myself that this is one of those crossings I had to do, you know, the “to-do-before-you-die” list .. I know for some people it’s routine, but for the majority, they will never experienced it.

I’m on my way to Brussels, for a short change over to a train to Cologne for the WebHostingDay conference.

As for the tunnel .. well .. it’s dark 🙂 .. once we enter it I did notice the air smell got moldy.. you see an occasional flash of light here and there, and the ride itself is quite smooth inside it .. thats about it.

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