Got our New House

It’s official, starting today I am in debt up to my ears, but I am also a homeowner in the UK.

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We got the keys to our new home in Sandbach at 5:00 PM EST, we then took a drive to the property to check how the old owners left it, we were pleased, they removed everything they had to and didn’t left a mess to clean up.

My Co-Workers are actually amazed a the speed and efficiency of our purchase experience, 2 other people in the office bought properties the past month, and their experience was allot worst than mine, actually, I cant fault mine at all, I kept bugging the solicitors to get moving, and they did .. so it pays to be a pain i guess 😉

We wont be moving until the 1st of April, we decided to install new carpets and paint some of the rooms in the house first, this way when we move in, we dont have to mess around with furniture in order to pain and re-carpet.

This is the second house we own, the first was a pre-fab in Florida, which was 1/13th of the price of this one (yeah .. split this house price by 13 .. thats what we paid for our Florida one), house prices in the UK are insane .. but what can you do, one needs a place to cal home.

And the amazing thing is, this is the North of england, where housing is actually cheaper .. this place down South and you can double the price… ouch.

But hey, we are ecstatic, we have a place of our own, on a great and safe community, were we can raise our kids and hopefully, just be happy 🙂

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