Nanna’s First day at School

Today was Savannah’s first day at school, we got her all outfitted with her school uniform, she looked very adorable,, and very British.

When we got there, the teacher tough her the procedures and then she went outside to play, part of me was very sad to see her go outside on her own, on a place she never been before, surrounded by kids she is no acquainted with also, but the other part of me know it’s OK, she will be fine and start making new friends right away.

We usually take the girls to the creche on Saturdays,, and they play there for a couple hours while we shop, and it’ been OK because they go together, to see one of them go on by herself was the tough part .. my girls are growing before my eyes, and I need to adapt to it.

I’m a very protective person, and it is tough to accept your kids will bee away form you our your spouse for such a long period of the day, and you relegate the task of keeping them safe to others .. very tough .. as one always believes nobody else can keep one’s kids as safe as one self ..

I just don’t want her to think we abandoning her at that place called school, or for her to be scared or hungry, cold, hot, […], lonely, or anything else but happy.

But in the end, she seems to have loved it, and will be going back tomorrow (and every day from now on) .. I guess it bothers me more than it bothers her 🙂

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