Children’s Pet Zoo

Today we went to the Children’s Pet Zoo in Barry

The Zoo is close by the Cardiff Airport, we took a drive to Barry Island first, for an ice-cream and we watched the waves, the kids were taking a nap in the back-seat.
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We then arrived at the Zoo at about 10:45 .. Vannah and Sierra had a blast, Sierra loved (and kicked) the Chickens, Vannah was just ecstatic, she loves animals, I got a few pictures of them chasing guinea-pigs and Chickens.
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Overall it was simply great, time well spent with my girls and the wife, we even got to see a bird fly show, were they demonstrated an Owl and a Hawk, the Owl landed a foot from Vannah, she jumped back, then proceeded to trow a bunch of rocks at the Owl … with everybody else looking .. 😀 what a nut, the other good laugh of the day was Sally trying to feed a large duck, every time his beak would go near her hand, she would drop the feed and scream.

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