NON to the Constitution

So the French said “NON” to the EU Constitution last Sunday. (yes, I mean NO)


I am usually quite fond of the French, they got a beautiful language, a mesmerizing country and lifestyle, and for what it’s worth, great food as well.

So I was very disappointed when the referendum ended up on a negative note, especially when most people that voted didn’t even care to know what the Constitution was all about, but instead decided to give a kick in the rear to their government. It’s also true that those who did know what was going on probably voted NON because this means this is no longer France’s EU .. new players have come in, others countries who once were weaker have risen and take charge (A good example being the Iberians) .. so, does this mean unless we sing the French tune, the French wont let us sing at all ?

I don’t think so .. it might take a while longer for them to accept it, but eventually the French will play ball with the rest of us. If these elections were held in the US or Australia (basically any other major country outside EU) the people going to vote still would not know a thing about what they were voting for, people tend to do what their so called “Leaders” tell them to do, and that’s the sum of it, if people stop trusting their leaders, they stop listening on what to do .!

Chirac pleaded for people not to take a backslash at the government by voting NON, I guess people just didn’t care much for Chirac either .. one good thing, Raffarin is finally out (Honestly, has he been out before this, we most likely would have see a OUI) .. and guess who is in .. De Villepin 🙂

Who doesn’t remember De Villepin marching against the “Coalition of the Willing” AKA “Bush’s Toy Soldiers” when the war in Iraq was brewing (the second time), I wonder who else will get sacked .. after 10 years .. perhaps is time for Chirac to say Adieu as well.

I can only see the halls of the political parties outside of the EU, laughing at those Europeans, “they can’t even agree on a Constitution” they might say … well, nothing comes easy, unfortunately there was never a Plan B .. but we have done fine until now without a Constitution, we will continue to do fine until all members can agree one one .. it might take a decade .. but good things come to those who wait.

I personally love the EU idea, I don’t perticuly subscribe to the continuous expansion, we might be taking on more than we can handle, and more than we need .. the whole constitution proposal might be flawed as well, after all, I too subscribe to the plan because the politicians that i support tell me to, but hey, I’m just a geek, what do i know ?

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