Mom’s Parcel

As the Portuguese song goes “Ja chegou direitinha a encomenda, pelo expresso que parou na piedade, pao de trigo e linguica para a merenda, sempre da para enganar a saudade…”

Today I received a package from my mother in Portugaal, it was some portuguese Chourico (Spicy Sausage) and Portuguese Red Crushed Pepper.

You just can’t get good quality of either here in the UK … so she sent me a small pack to see if it would arrive safely.

The smell of it just open the window of memories of my homeland, and reminds me how much I miss it all.

My live if just too fast, I can’t adapt too the quiet solitude of the Azores, otherwise I would go back to live there, maybe when me and Sally retire, we shall return and spent part of the year there .. there cant bee a better place on heart too retire into.

But for now, still have allot of work to do here in the UK, and these little pieces of the homeland will have to suffice 🙂


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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