Van Helsing

Just watched Van Helsing last night.

Bought the DVD from PLAY.COM .. they had a special, so it only cost �7.99 .. not bad.

The movie itself was just great, what a cool story, of a man who is summoned by an order of the Vaticann to go out and destroy mitological monsters.

In a chaotic world like we live today, it is good to just immerse on a good fantasy story that takes one away from the every day struggle, I am sick and tired of movies about the problems people face every day, I know what those problems are, I don’t need to sit down to watch a movie just to be reminded of how much life can suck 😉

I loved the movie, and from the looks of the end, I would bet they will be making a sequel, the graphics on the movie are some o the best I ever saw, the only disappointment [warning, spoiler] is at the end when they burning the girl’s dead body, the cheesy effects of her ascendance to heaven ..

But all and all, this is a movie I am certainly to be watching again in a few months .. highly recommended 🙂


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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