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Recently I bought the book “The Da Vinci Code” in Portugal (Azores) ..

I just read it last week .. and man was it GOOD .. Dan Brown’s writing is very easy to read, and it’s plots remind me of Crichton, well researched and interesting fiction with a twist of truth 😉

So yesterday while in Swansea, I noticed a 3 for 2 sale on his books, so I had to grab the remaining 3 from his collection

– Deception Point
– Digital Fortress
– Angels and Demons

I started reading the last one, it features the same character (Robert Langdon)as “The Da Vinci Code”.. I have read 120+ pages since last night already, and within another 2 nights of reading I shall be done, so far it’s as great as “Da Vinci” ..

Good reading 🙂

Dan Drown’s website -> http://www.danbrown.com


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3 thoughts on “Dan Brown’s Books

  1. Man, I ended up by readin the whole book in 3 sittings on a 24 hour period 🙂

    Angels and Deamons did reminded me of Da Vinci Code for the way it was strucured, but still, a novel to be read … loved it

    now I need to decide on Deception Point or Digital Fortress

  2. Just breezed by “Digital Fortress” ..

    DF was good, not as nice as the other two, a bit simplistic, but a good read regardless, if your a IT geek, you will like it, since it’s all about a NSA Crypto machine 🙂

  3. Deception Point was another great book, I liked it a little better than DF ..

    Allot of suspense on that one, and very informative like the others.

    My final take on Dan Brown’s books is .. they are all good, I can honestly recomend them all to anybody, just dont read all 4 in a row like I did, the charachters and storylines starte to merge and look too alike, better to read other novels in between 🙂

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